A third of Christmas shopping expected to take place online this month

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Euan Cameron
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December 14, 2020

Given the uncertain state of the Covid infection rates, consumers will continue to forgo holiday travel and family-and-friend get-togethers this Christmas, with people giving more gifts to substitute for time spent apart. Forbes

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With so many additional sales happening online this year, how can you be sure you are getting the feedback you need to ensure your customers are happy?

You may already use a reviews platform for collecting public reviews which is great, but that quantitative data can only tell you so much. You could also try calling your customers but that isn't very scalable.

Why not dive deeper and really understand your customers with video? Simply set up a customer interview with Willo and invite your customers either by emailing them directly or connecting to your store.

Imagine being able to see and hear from your customers, and even create powerful social content from those responses! You can share the responses with your product or supply team and ensure that your customer’s voice is heard. Try an example customer feedback interview.

Start understanding your customers with Willo

We power customer-centric businesses in over 100 countries already, so why not join them? It's free to get started too.

You can also connect your eCommerce platform with our Zapier integration.

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