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Euan Cameron
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December 14, 2020
“Forms and emails are good ways of collecting feedback and they work. But quantitative data can only tell you so much.”

Imagine if you could collect customer feedback in a whole new way? One where you can actually see and hear from your customers, and even create powerful social content from those responses.

Understand your customers better…

Willo is a simple to use and affordable video interviewing platform which enables organisations in over 60 countries to receive recorded video responses to questions.

“This is a must solution for anyone who is looking to get that impactful emotive visual customer feedback to add to their existing Voice or Customer programme.”
Christopher Brooks, Clientship

How it works

1. Create and share your interview

Create your research interview in a few minutes with your questions, then share the link with your customers or clients. You can see an example here.

2. Customers record answers to your questions

Customers will then record their answers at home on their computer, smartphone or tablet. The whole process is browser-based and does not require any download or plug-in. It works beautifully every time.

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Example Willo customer feedback interview
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3. Collect video responses in realtime

Start receiving responses within a few hours and you can watch the video responses back when it suits you.

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Review customer responses in the Willo portal
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Pro Tip: Connect Willo to your eCommerce store or CRM and automatically invite customers to your interview after a chosen period of time.

Try it for yourself and understand your customers better than ever before. Plus it’s free to get started. Create a free account with Willo and start receiving responses today.

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