How Plentyworks uses Willo to hire and deploy global software development teams

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Euan Cameron
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December 14, 2020

Plentyworks builds remote software development teams as a service. Our HQs are in Paris, Sri Lanka, and New York, but we also recruit in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Poland.

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The Challenge

One of our biggest values to our clients is our always-on recruiting pipeline that is plugged in to finding the best tech talent across all our markets.

Early in our vetting process, we need to conduct a phone screen with each candidate to get the basics out of the way and make sure they can communicate well enough to make it to the later stages.

Before Willo, we used to schedule and run all these phone screens manually — it took a ton of time, and placed a limit on how many candidates we could evaluate with our small team of recruiters. Christian Petroske, CEO & Co-Founder

Willo to the Rescue

When I found Willo, it was a game changer. Now, instead of manually scheduling and calling each candidate individually, we can just send them the Willo link and candidates can record their interview whenever they want.

My team now has to do much less work to fill a given position. That’s time we can spend on better sourcing and vetting later in the process — and quality has improved as a result.

A final word

The biggest thing that sets Willo apart is that they have actually made the platform to cater to a great candidate experience, and it really shows.

This wouldn’t work without their focus on giving candidates a better way to apply for jobs.

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