How to use Willo video interviewing with Indeed

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Joe Latham
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February 10, 2021

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use video interviewing with as part of your hiring process.

What is Willo?

A virtual interviewing platform where you can ask text-based questions in a sequence and people respond to them on recorded video. Each interview can have between 1 and 20 questions and is completed on any device with an internet connection and webcam.

Use Willo at the very beginning of your hiring process to attract the right candidates for your business. By using a flexible digital process right from the start, more candidates will enter your hiring funnel. This is good news for you and your brand - more candidates, more choice. And by using a digital process you will also receive a more diverse pool of talent as there are fewer barriers to entry. 

Why use Indeed?

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world, with over 250 million unique visitors every month. Plus it has a free option which is good for some limited-time exposure. Note that with the free posting option your job posting will move down the list as new jobs are published. But with so many candidates it can become overwhelming to manage the volume of applications. This is where Willo comes to the rescue, use video interviewing to hear from every candidate so you can more quickly make a decision on who progress with.

About this tutorial

We will cover off creating a job on Indeed and inviting candidates to your video interview:

  1. Post a free job on Indeed
  2. Invite candidates to Willo using Indeed
  3. Collect responses 

Let’s get started

1. Post your job on Indeed

Head over to Indeed to here and start creating your new job posting.

The step-by-step process is quick and easy, plus most of the questions you will already have answers to.

Work your way through the simple steps and publish your new job, it will go live within a few hours and you will start receiving candidate applications!

2. Add Willo to your Indeed message template

(This step assumes you have already created a job in Willo. If not please create a free interview now.)

Copy the invite link for the job you would like to invite people to interview for:

Copy your Willo link, it should look like this: /invite/xxxxxx

Choose a candidate you wish to invite to complete your Willo interview, and select Message:

We then need to create a Template (you only need to do this once).

Create new template, or edit an existing one. You want to give the candidate a short explanation of the next steps. It also helps to explain some of the benefits of a Willo interview such as easy to complete at home, on any device, at a time which suits them... Once you have a message you are happy with paste your Willo invitation link into the message and Save.

Create a helpful and clear template which includes your Willo interview link

You're now ready to send your template to candidates. We suggest you invite all candidates to complete your interview for maximum response.

Pro Tip: To send templated messages in bulk to candidates you will need to verify your employer account with Indeed. This process can take up-to 30-days.

Invite candidates to Willo with your new template

3. Collect responses 

As candidates apply using your Willo link you will receive email notifications. Log into your Willo dashboard and click into each person’s profile to view their video answers.

Remember to click Accept or Reject and rate each candidate out of 5 stars so you know who-is-who:

Share your top candidates with your team or hiring manager to get feedback before progressing to the next step - usually a final interview before making your offer.

Happy interviewing!

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