Willo: The Zoom Alternative That Offers Time-Saving Async Features

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Andrew Wood
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June 18, 2021

From Zoom fatigue and 'premium' credit card bills...

Zoom is a great video tool, but it flops when it comes to video interviewing. It's inconsistent, expensive, and time-consuming.

...to consistent async video with one easy price

Willo's async video interview tools mean everyone gets a consistent, delightful experience - and it's all centralized and stored for easy access.

Our customers said it best

"Willo allowed me to screen more candidates than I would have done otherwise - and the standout was a wildcard that most likely wouldn't have made the initial shortlist."

Andrew Duncan
Pure Heavenly
Pure Heavenly

"This is a remarkably easy to use piece of software and it is such an incredibly efficient way to meet candidates and interview. Saved me and my growing buisness a lot of time!"

Tom McDermott

"We run a sales recruitment company, it’s great for pre-screening and profiling candidates. Fantastic customer service too!"

Tom Pugh-Jones

"Great cost-effective tool. I want to mention that the customer support with Willo is superb. They go the extra mile to help you out."

Haiin Lee

Crush Zoom Fatigue before it starts


All day meetings

Sitting in front of a camera for 8-10 hours per day

One-click video bliss

Send questions out easily and watch responses when it works for you

Set yourself up for success, not all day meetings

Keep the experience amazing


Inconsistent and manual

Download an app, sign in, check that it works - can you hear me?

Automatic and simple

No additional installations. Just pure personality goodness.

Deliver a video interview experience people actually enjoy

Ultimate flexibility with async


Scheduling nightmares

You have a global talent pool - but only local time zone availability

Everyone can take part at their convenience

Async video lets everyone take part at a time that works for them

Make scheduling and recording easy with async video

Trade Zoom fatigue for efficient Willo videos



Zoom fatigue

Zoom: Expensive and exhausting

Willo: Simple price, simple to use

Candidate experience

Zoom: Inconsistent and hoping for the best

Willo: Empowered, consistent, and in control

Async awesomeness

Zoom: Time zone worries and back-and-forths

Willo: Video that works when you do

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