How Async Video Interviews Helped Endava Hire 60 Interns in 1 Month

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Key highlights:

  • Endava is a global software development and strategy consultancy.
  • They hire people from around the world, but require English proficiency.
  • Using Willo, Endava was able to easily test English language skills using asynchronous video interviews rather than scheduling phone calls with every candidate.
  • Willo saved the Endava recruiting team over 100 hours and helped them hire 60 interns quickly

Endava helps companies around the globe with software challenges.

As a result, people are the company’s greatest asset. But with high-volume hiring needs, it’s difficult to find the time to screen every single candidate. This was especially prevalent when Endava LATAM received 400 intern applications during one hiring round.

Speaking with Willo, Nuria Tambasco, the Regional Recruitment Lead for Endava LATAM, explained how the company leveraged Willo to save over 100 hours of recruiter time while providing a high quality candidate experience.

The problem: High volume hiring and limited time

As Endava grows its global employee base, interns are a big part of the conversation. Not only does this reflect the company’s desire to help students learn on the job, it’s also beneficial for talent pipeline development.

For Endava’s intern hiring process, three needs are critical:

  1. Global access: The company hires around the world, so it’s important to draw talent in from anywhere.
  2. High volume: Endava expected to interview hundreds of candidates for its 60 intern positions.
  3. English proficiency: Endava requires business English proficiency on its team globally, so its recruiting process needs to test this in a way standardized assessments can’t determine.

“We develop software and have massive recruitment needs, particularly in terms of assessing English minimum proficiency for many of our roles,” said Nuria. “We needed a platform that would help us assess hundreds of candidates while giving them a good experience.”

To solve these challenges, the Endava team began looking for a video interview platform that would help.

Ultimately, they chose Willo.

The solution: Video interview screens with Willo

Willo became the front-line screening tool for Endava, giving candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer a few basic questions on pre-recorded video. Because the interview was video-based, it became easier to both assess English proficiency and learn about candidates in a way that resumes could not have shown.

Nuria also said that candidates liked the experience, since they could pre-record videos on their own schedules around classes or other obligations.

“Willo is great because it gives candidates more control over their experience,” said Nuria. “They can record a video when it is convenient for them and show us their English proficiency by answering questions that help us get to know them as candidates. Then Willo easily connects into our applicant tracking system so we can add the human touch for candidates.”

In the end, Nuria estimates that Willo eliminated about 15 minutes of admin work per candidate, particularly not having to schedule phone screens with everyone. While this may not seem like a lot, Endava interviewed over 400 intern candidates, resulting in about 100 hours of recruiter time saved in 1 month.

What’s next: Continued growth

According to the company’s LinkedIn page, Endava has over 1,000 open job postings globally. While Nuria may not be responsible for all those postings, her and the LATAM team have plenty on their plate to support the organization’s growth.

The time that Nuria and her team saved with Willo is being reinvested right back into the business, whether it’s writing job descriptions, doing strategic planning, or interviewing candidates further in the recruiting process. Regardless, Nuria said she loves working with Willo not just for the time savings and candidate experience, but also because the team is helpful whenever she needs it.

“We love working with Willo,” said Nuria. “The team is open and responsive, plus the platform helps us create a positive candidate experience.”