How InHealth saved over 1,000 hours of recruiters' time using Willo

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1,000 hours
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Key takeaways:

  • UK-based InHealth wanted to build a global talent function to recruit international talent to deploy in the UK.
  • The new team, based in Manila, was being impacted by time-consuming manual processes, so the UK team introduced Willo to save time and bring more efficiency to the process. 
  • Matthew Smith, the Head of International Resourcing, estimates Willo saved InHealth over 1,000 hours of candidate screening time in the 12 months since they started using the platform. 

Overcoming manual processes in a new region

When UK-based InHealth expanded its recruiting efforts to find international talent, the company built a team in the Philippines. Matthew Smith, an experienced InHealth talent leader, was tasked with sourcing, training, and deploying global staff into the UK. He relocated from London to Manila and became the Head of International Resourcing.

Matthew faced an interesting challenge starting his efforts in Manila: despite InHealth being a mature, large organization, he had to build his whole team from scratch. 

The company’s South East Asia recruiting presence didn’t develop at the same pace as the rest of the organization, Matthew said, so he needed to leverage his previous experience at InHealth in the UK to build the team in Manila. 

Facing an uphill battle of manual processes, Matthew needed a better way to scale up his efforts and leveraged Willo. 

Expanding Willo from the UK to the Philippines

InHealth was already using Willo to screen candidates in the UK and seeing success. As Matthew built up his efforts in Manila and worked with his UK counterparts on process building, the InHealth leadership team decided to expand Willo into the Philippines. 

Expansion, said Matthew, was simple and easy: all they had to do was train the Manila team on how to set up and launch Willo.

“The UK talent acquisition team introduced me to Willo, and once I'd seen the capabilities of it, it was rapidly introduced into our process for international resourcing,” said Matthew.

Becoming the company’s “heaviest users” of Willo

Willo replaced the CV-search-and-screen step for Matthew and his team, which traditionally took a lot of recruiter time and often let poor-fit candidates fall through the cracks. 

The team no longer faces those issues. 

When it comes to recruiting international talent, Matthew said there are a lot of factors to consider. Here’s how Willo helps the InHealth Philippines team save time:

  • Videos make it easier to identify someone’s English proficiency compared to a written resume. 
  • Video interviews make it easier for Matthew to hear how a candidate “provides a demonstrable connection” to InHealth’s values. 
  • As a non-technical solution, InHealth’s team didn’t need significant additional training to get set up—this meant even more time savings from an admin perspective. 

After implementation, Matthew said the international resourcing team quickly became the “heaviest users” of Willo at InHealth globally. 

When Matthew calculated how long it would have taken them to screen candidates versus the time it actually took, the number is staggering: Willo saved the InHealth recruiting team over 1,000 hours in the past 12 months alone.

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“It’s an integral part of our process,” said Matthew. “We would be lost without it now”