How MyTutor Increased Recruiting Capacity And Reduced Overheads

Increase in recruiting capacity with Willo
Overhead reduction using Willo
Interviewers on the MyTutor team
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Key takeaways:

  • MyTutor needed to hire more tutors for its platform but wanted to bring recruiting costs down at the same time.
  • The team chose Willo because of its ease of use, accessible documentation, and scalability.
  • Using Willo, the MyTutor team nearly doubled their recruiting capacity, reduced overhead, and delivered a great candidate experience.

The challenge: Scaling recruitment while reducing costs

When online tutoring platform MyTutor experienced significant growth from 2020 to 2022, Olivia Shackleton was tasked with ensuring there were enough tutors to help students. However, a key part of the project was also reducing overhead costs. 

“We had expanding recruitment targets, which meant interviewing targets were higher,” said Olivia. “We wanted to scale en masse and optimize at the same time.”

The team thought about asynchronous interviews as an opportunity for efficiency—the team reasoned it would increase their capacity and help reduce no-shows, both of which would decrease costs. However, the team also wanted quality-assurance mechanisms, since hiring the right tutors was incredibly important for the platform’s success. 

After reviewing multiple solutions, the MyTutor team ultimately chose Willo to power their tutor recruiting process. 

Why MyTutor chose Willo

As MyTutor assessed different asynchronous video solutions, they had a few key needs:

  • Scalability: The platform needed to grow with MyTutor’s recruitment goals–without exploding costs. 
  • Quality assurance: The MyTutor team needed a way to confirm the candidates were delivering high-quality responses that weren’t overly rehearsed. 
  • Ease of use: The platform had to be intuitive for tutors, many of whom were applying to a full-time job for the first time. 

When the team tried Willo, everything worked easily and the team had a good experience. Olivia also noted how much she liked chatting with the Willo team, saying that they were helpful, communicative, and willing to help. 

“Willo was really easy to use, it matched our tone of voice, and was super flexible,” said Olivia. “The API documentation was also super accessible with all the features we needed.”

Four huge benefits after implementation

MyTutor implemented Willo in the screening step of its interview process. 

Now, when a candidate applies for a tutor position, they fill out basic information such as where they went to university, then are prompted to complete a Willo video interview. This step replaces a live recruiter screen, but candidates who perform well in Willo interviews are invited to join the platform and continue their application. 

Here are the benefits MyTutor gained with Willo:

1. Candidate flexibility: Candidates can finish the videos on their own time, making it much more flexible and delivering a better experience. 

2. Capacity gained: With Willo, MyTutor saw a 75% increase in the number of tutors their team can interview per hour.

3. Costs saved: Recruiting overhead is down 12% year-over-year with Willo.

4. Time saved: MyTutor’s recruiting team cut the amount of time per interview by 50% using Willo.

5. Interview consistency and candidate experience: On MyTutor’s side, they are able to offer a more consistent interview process. For applicants, it means a smoother (and faster) experience.

For quality assurance, the MyTutor team implemented a consistent marking rubric for all video interviews that is based on high-performing tutors already on the platform. The team also gives tutors several attempts to answer questions–to cut out any nervousness–so applicants can give more honest responses rather than over-rehearsed comments. 

Next steps 

Now that MyTutor is using Willo, they are focused on continued efficiency and delivering a great candidate experience. The team regularly assesses different areas of the business to find productivity gaps. Now that Willo has helped them bring overhead down in recruiting, the team is working toward making the experience even better while looking at other areas of the business to improve. 

“We’ve loved the product, partnership, and flexibility of Willo,” said Olivia. “It makes us really excited for what’s to come.”