HireVue vs Willo

Talent Leaders switched to Willo because of its customizability, comprehensive feature set, and integrations that click into enterprise workflows

Customizable and Affordable

Employer branding features come standard in every plan; pricing is transparent with no hidden fees

Full Platform and Integrations

Willo’s pre-hire platform is more than just video—it also integrates with most enterprise ATS’

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Fits Your Workflow

Intuitive platform that’s easy to use for talent teams and candidates alike—and provides 24/7 candidate support

“I've used competitors in the past, but have no need or desire to go elsewhere given the ROI we get via Willo.”
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Matthew M.

Willo customer

Willo's G2 Awards. Among these awards are Spring 2022 Mid-Market High Performer, Winter 2022 Easiest Setup, and Winter 2022 Best Est. ROI

We Both Offer Async Interviews,
Here’s How Willo is Different

Want to learn why candidate and hiring managers prefer Willo?

Difference #1

Customizable, Scalable, and Affordable

Transparent pricing that gives you every feature you need

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Look At The Price Tag

HireVue’s starter plan is more than double the price of Willo’s full-feature enterprise plan*

*based on publicly available information on HireVue’s website as of April 2024.

Launch $68/month. Growth $187/month. Scale $299/month.

Flexible And Affordable

  • Enterprise feature set and integrations.

  • Unlimited team members and shares on every plan.

  • Easily scale your plan up or down as needs change.

I would recommend Willo… Pricing, ease of use and capabilities are definitely comparable to an enterprise-level software.

Iulian P.

Difference #2

An Integrated Pre-Hire Platform

Willo collects all the information you need and integrates with over 5,000 different enterprise technologies

A Lot Of Paid Add Ons

Pre-built ATS integrations don’t come standard on HireVue’s $35,000 per year plan—you have to pay extra or upgrade to one of their more expensive plans.

*Based on HireVue’s publicly available pricing tiers as of April 2024


Fully Integrated Platform

  • Ask for video, audio, text, document, or multiple choice responses from candidates.

  • Intuitive for candidates and talent teams alike with secure storage for all data.

  • Native integrations with major ATS’ and other recruiting platforms on all plans.

“Each interview previously took 40 minutes with regular delays… which are no longer a factor with [Willo].”

Sophie S.

Difference #3

With Willo, You’re In Control

We believe great hiring is about people, not paper; our platform empowers your hiring team with intuitive features and easy setup

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Corporate Plans?

It’s hard to tell if any platform is right for you when you can’t see all the information ahead of time without taking a lot of time to schedule a demo.


Make Confident Hiring Decisions

  • Custom branding options are standard on all plans.

  • Embed ID verification and Right-To-Work checks into your interview process.

  • Willo’s science-backed Scorecards means consistent and inclusive candidate scoring.

"I like that Willo is personable and you can really showcase yourself as an employer via the platform."

Sean A.

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5 minutes (or even faster with 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles).

0 Contracts, Billed Monthly

All Willo plans are flexible with scalability, multiple currency payment options, and unlimited users.

24/7 Support

Access live chat (and help articles) 24/7 to get you through any issues. But with Willo’s easy-to-use platform, we don’t think you’ll have many.

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5-10 mins or stat with our 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles.

0 Contracts,
Billed Monthly

We will never lock you into a contract. With Willo you have full flexibility to pay monthly or to opt into a 12 month annual plan (and get a 30% discount).

“I’ve used Sparkhire before and eventhough I got less than what Willo offers I paid 3x more per year!”

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 Here’s Why Many Have Made The Switch To Willo

“Willo has improved the amount of candidates we can screen on a monthly basis, reduced our time to hire and added a level of fairness and equality to the process”




Let us Show You How Willo Can Adapt To Your Hiring Process

  • Show you the platform live—tailored to your hiring needs.

  • Demonstrating the candidate journey from start to finish.

  • Get a personalized quote

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