Shine Interview vs Willo

Hiring Managers love that Willo is truly inclusive, offers screening & ID verification in a single platform, and has transparent pricing

Candidate-First, Inclusive Platform

24/7 candidate support with no logins required.

Checked (yes)

Screening and Identity Verification

Easily check candidates are eligible to work for you.

Transparent Pricing

Know what you’re paying before you sign up.

“I've used competitors in the past, but have no need or desire to go elsewhere given the ROI we get via Willo.”
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Matthew M.

Willo customer

Willo's G2 Awards. Among these awards are Spring 2022 Mid-Market High Performer, Winter 2022 Easiest Setup, and Winter 2022 Best Est. ROI

We Both Offer Async Interviews,
Here’s How Willo is Different

Want to learn why candidate and hiring managers prefer Willo?

Difference #1

Candidate-First, Inclusive Platform

Candidates don’t have to create an account or login to use Willo—and they get 24/7 live support

A lot of explanation

Images of Shine Interview’s video platform show that it’s visually beautiful and the website shares valuable research-based statistics about the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in hiring.


Ultimate Candidate Inclusion

  • One-way video and audio options for candidate inclusion

  • Text-based responses for quick facts

  • 24/7 live candidate support from Willo

“Not requiring candidates to create a log-in [with Willo] was perhaps the largest selling point for me.”

Kayce C.


Difference #2

Screening and Identity Verification

Provide a consistent candidate experience and verify if someone is eligible to work for you

All about video

Verifying a candidate’s eligibility to work for you is a crucial step in the hiring process. When it’s done during the interview, it feels seamless and much less clunky than doing it after the fact.


Screen and Verify Seamlessly

  • Embed ID verification and Right-To-Work checks into your interview process

  • Affordable bulk packages or pay-as-you-go

  • Only pay for what you need

“Each interview previously took 40 minutes via teams with regular delays caused by… lateness or IT issues which are no longer a factor with this system.”

Sophie S.


Difference #3

Transparent Pricing

Willo’s plans are transparently priced so you never get stuck in a plan you didn’t know about

Want a price? You have to ask

Shine Interview does not offer pricing information publicly, requiring a reach out and demo before being told price ranges. 

Launch $68/month. Growth $187/month. Scale $299/month.

Unlimited Users on All Plans

  • Integrations and customizations included

  • Transparent pricing

  • 24/7 support on all plans

“I would recommend Willo… Pricing, ease of use and capabilities are definitely comparable to an enterprise-level software.”

Iulian P.

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5 minutes (or even faster with 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles).

Launch $68/month. Growth $187/month. Scale $299/month.

0 Contracts, Billed Monthly

All Willo plans are flexible with no contract: pay monthly or opt into an annual plan to get a 30% discount.

24/7 Support

Access live chat (and help articles) 24/7 to get you through any issues. But with Willo’s easy-to-use platform, we don’t think you’ll have many.

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5-10 mins or stat with our 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles.

0 Contracts,
Billed Monthly

We will never lock you into a contract. With Willo you have full flexibility to pay monthly or to opt into a 12 month annual plan (and get a 30% discount).

“I’ve used Sparkhire before and eventhough I got less than what Willo offers I paid 3x more per year!”

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 Here’s Why Thousands Of Organizations Prefer Willo

“Willo has improved the amount of candidates we can screen on a monthly basis, reduced our time to hire and added a level of fairness and equality to the process”




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