TestGorilla vs Willo

Hiring Managers love that Willo is an all-in-one screening & assessment platform, fits their workflow, and offers unlimited interview flexibility

All-in-One Platform

Screen, assess, and rank candidates with a single software

Seamless Integrations

Over 5,000+ integrations to fit your work process

Interview Flexibility

Assess what you need, not what a template tells you to ask

“I've used competitors in the past, but have no need or desire to go elsewhere given the ROI we get via Willo.”
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Matthew M.

Willo customer

Willo's G2 Awards. Among these awards are Spring 2022 Mid-Market High Performer, Winter 2022 Easiest Setup, and Winter 2022 Best Est. ROI

We Both Offer Async Interviews,
Here’s How Willo is Different

Want to learn why candidate and hiring managers prefer Willo?

Difference #1

All-in-One Platform

Conduct free-form screening interviews, structured assessments, and identity verification in a single platform

A stack of five different types of test results

Skill-testing questions

TestGorilla’s psychometric evaluation tool is one part of the overall hiring process.


Screen, assess, and verify

  • Get to know candidates with one-way video

  • Request audio, uploads, and more

  • Verify identity during the interview

“With Willo, we took our team from hiring 35 people a month to 240, with no additional resource needed”


Greenthumb Industries

Difference #2

Seamless Integrations

Willo fits into your existing workflow easily

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Psychometric assessment platform

TestGorilla offers ATS integrations for its highest-tier plan.

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Willo fits your process

  • Native ATS integrations with WorkDay, SAP SuccessFactors, Lever, and more

  • Over 5,000 integrations through Zapier

  • Custom-build with Willo’s API

“Willo stood out to us because their product was simple, it was effective, and the API looked good”

Mikey M.


Difference #3

Interview Flexibility

Ask the questions you want with Willo, not what a template forces you to

A screenshot of a web page with different types of content

Start with templates

TestGorilla helps you get started by offering hundreds of prompts and templates for its assessments.


Ask what you need to know

  • Custom assessments from the start

  • Ask video, audio, text, or file upload questions

  • No account or login required for candidates

“I like that Willo is personable and you can really showcase yourself as an employer via the platform.”

Sean A.

Very UK

Difference #4

Outsmart Generative AI

With Willo, you get genuine video responses from candidates on every plan—that means no AI-written essays

A screenshot of a web page with different types of content

Writing assessments

Written assessments, like essays, can easily be gamed by generative AI—you can’t be sure if you’re reading a candidate’s words or a robot’s creation. Video questions are available for TestGorilla’s most expensive plan.

Screenshot's of Willo's UI for sharing interview information with only those who need access

Get to know real candidates

  • Get genuine answers through video on every plan

  • Unlimited internal users at every tier to ensure stakeholders have their say

  • Encrypted and secure sharing ensures privacy

“Willo was really easy to use, it matched our tone of voice, and was super flexible”

Olivia S.


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Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5 minutes (or even faster with 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles).

Launch $68/month. Growth $187/month. Scale $299/month.

0 Contracts, Billed Monthly

All Willo plans are flexible with no contract: pay monthly or opt into an annual plan to get a 30% discount.


24/7 Support

Access live chat (and help articles) 24/7 to get you through any issues. But with Willo’s easy-to-use platform, we don’t think you’ll have many.

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5-10 mins or stat with our 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles.

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0 Contracts,
Billed Monthly

We will never lock you into a contract. With Willo you have full flexibility to pay monthly or to opt into a 12 month annual plan (and get a 30% discount).

“I’ve used Sparkhire before and eventhough I got less than what Willo offers I paid 3x more per year!”

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 Here’s Why Thousands Of Organizations Prefer Willo

“Willo has improved the amount of candidates we can screen on a monthly basis, reduced our time to hire and added a level of fairness and equality to the process”




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