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Willo's G2 Awards. Among these awards are Spring 2022 Mid-Market High Performer, Winter 2022 Easiest Setup, and Winter 2022 Best Est. ROI

We Both Offer Video Interviews,
Here’s How Willo is Different

Want to learn why candidates and hiring managers prefer Willo?

Difference #1

Get Started Immediately With Transparent Pricing

Choose the level that works for you and go—set up takes 10 minutes (or fewer)

Workable video interviews is a $99 per month add-on for their Standard plan.

Always An Add-On

Pricing is based on a full Workable subscription plus add-on fees for video interviews, which could increase costs.

Launch $68/month. Growth $187/month. Scale $299/month.

Accessible and affordable

  • Transparent pricing you can start immediately.

  • Pay monthly or get a discount for annual purchases.

  • Easily scale your plan up or down as needs change.

“We wanted to scale en masse and optimize at the same time… We’ve loved the product, partnership, and flexibility of Willo.”

Olivia S. at MyTutor

Difference #2

Native Integrations

Easily connect to Workable—and every other platform you use

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A Big Platform To Buy

Workable offers integrations with its video interviewing offering, but only once you’ve bought into the rest of the platform.


Native Integrations For All

  • Complete native integration with Workable.

  • Get the solution you need with Willo and securely connect to every platform you use.

  • Native integrations included in all plans.

“We have a complex recruitment team… we needed a platform that was easy to use and would integrate with our systems.”

Hollie P. at EDF (UK)

Difference #3

A Complete Pre-Hire Tool

Video interviews, document uploads, identity checks, and more—all in Willo’s easy to use platform

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Connect To Other Tools For More

Workable video interviewing offers collaboration features, just like Willo, but doesn’t have the same full feature set.


Make Confident Hiring Decisions

  • Embed ID verification and Right-To-Work checks into your interview process.

  • Give candidates choice with video, audio, text, and document uploads.

  • Willo’s science-backed Scorecards means consistent and inclusive candidate scoring.

"With Willo, I don’t have to worry; I know it’s good to go."

Kayce C. at WillowTree

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5 minutes (or even faster with 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles).

0 Contracts, Billed Monthly

All Willo plans are flexible with no contract: pay monthly or opt into an annual plan to get a 30% discount.

24/7 Support

Access live chat (and help articles) 24/7 to get you through any issues. But with Willo’s easy-to-use platform, we don’t think you’ll have many.

Get Started In 5 Minutes

Easily create a fully custom interviewing process within 5-10 mins or stat with our 50+ templates designed for 100+ roles.

0 Contracts,
Billed Monthly

We will never lock you into a contract. With Willo you have full flexibility to pay monthly or to opt into a 12 month annual plan (and get a 30% discount).

“I’ve used Sparkhire before and eventhough I got less than what Willo offers I paid 3x more per year!”

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Willo Makes It Easy To Find The Best Candidates, Faster

“Willo has improved the amount of candidates we can screen on a monthly basis, reduced our time to hire and added a level of fairness and equality to the process”




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