Willo & Factorial.

Supercharge your hiring process with Willo and our friends at Factorial.

Factorial HR software converts never-ending, manual processes into integrated, effective ones. So that in addition to managing people, you can dedicate yourself to bringing out the best in them.

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Factorial - everything you need to manage your HR processes

Do you want to speed up your paperwork and make your business grow? Make it possible thanks to Factorial's features:

✔ All your HR processes in a single place
✔ Spend less time in administrative tasks and focus on what matters: your team.
✔ Improve your company's management and save money by making better decisions.

Willo's G2 Awards. Among these awards are Spring 2022 Mid-Market High Performer, Winter 2022 Easiest Setup, and Winter 2022 Best Est. ROI