6 Powerful Workday Integrations To Make Your HR Team More Efficient

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January 26, 2024

6 Powerful Workday Integrations To Make Your HR Team More Efficient

As workforces become more complex and budgets shrink, the need for tools that support more efficient human resources management (HRM) is on the rise—especially in recruiting.

Workday is a prominent HRM platform that automates and streamlines a plethora of HR tasks. However, while it comes with many useful features for handling employee data, it becomes even more powerful when it's integrated with the right tools.

Not sure what integrations to look for? No worries—in this Willo guide, we explore six useful Workday integrations with the power to strengthen HR management at your company.

What Is a Workday Integration?

Workday is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite that helps HR teams manage employees across the entire life cycle—from recruitment and onboarding to performance reviews and payroll.

Source: Workday

There are a ton of features under the hood that support a wide range of business activities, including:

  • Talent management
  • Time tracking
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Onboarding
  • Workforce optimization
  • DEI management
  • Recruiting

But even with this long set of features, there are gaps that need to be filled. Workday integrations fill these gaps, providing data connectivity and automated processes that extend the tool’s functionality.

Why Are Workday Integrations Important?

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: The right Workday integrations help recruiting teams streamline routine HR processes. Whether it’s automating data transfer from your ATS or adding async interview capabilities to Workday, integrations make it easier to manage talent and compliance at scale.
  • Enhanced data visibility and accessibility: By integrating Workday with other tools in your HR stack, you can automatically import valuable employee data from Workday into those tools. This not only limits manual data entry (and human error), but it also ensures your data is always up-to-date and easy to find.
  • Scalability and adaptability: Workday integrations also help with scalability because you can add new tools and features to your HR stack without creating extra work for recruiters or IT teams. And since most integrations are cloud-based, you can scale up or down as needed with no downtime.
  • Seamless compliance and reporting: Integrating Workday with your compliance tools ensures timely and accurate reporting and reduces compliance risks. You’ll also simplify compliance-related tasks like Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting, Digital Identity Verification, payroll tax filings, and data privacy regulations—this helps ensure your organization is always compliant with local laws and regulations, wherever you operate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Workday Integration Tool

  • Business needs: The tool should offer relevant features and capabilities that cater to your unique business needs and goals.
  • Ease of use: Any tools you choose should be accessible to anyone who needs to use it—from administrators to end-users.
  • Scalability: As your company grows, so do your needs. Make sure to pick a tool that’s capable of scaling with your organization and can handle more data over time.
  • Security: Data security and compliance are essential when choosing Workday integration tools. Pick a tool that’s compliant with industry security regulations and offers reliable security measures to protect your data.
  • Customer support: A great tool should also provide great customer support to quickly address any issues that arise, so your operations are not affected.

6 Workday Integrations For Every Use

  1. Willo: Best for async video interviewing at scale.
  2. Pyn: Best for streamlining employee communications.
  3. BetterUp: Best for one-on-one coaching.
  4. ADP: Best for automating payroll processes.
  5. Udemy Business: Best for accessing skills training.
  6. Achievers: Best for reward programs.

1. Willo

Willo is a candidate screening platform that helps companies save time and make more confident hiring decisions.

Source: Willo and Workday Integration

Willo uses a simple, four-step process to help employers quickly review candidates. Start by creating interviews with a range of question-types and sharing invite links with candidates at scale. When candidates record an interview, your hiring team is notified so that they can review the interview, create shortlists, and collect feedback from stakeholders.

Our Workday integration means you can do all of this without leaving the Workday platform.

Relevant features

  • Compliant digital identity verification: Willo is GDPR-compliant and automates the tedious process of performing identity, right-to-work, and criminal background (DBS) checks for potential employees.
  • Asynchronous video interviewing: Willo offers robust async video interviewing capabilities that include mass invites via CSV files, file uploads, language localization, question generation, and more.
  • Collaboration tools: Willo lets you create shortlists and share interviews with any internal stakeholder securely using the Showcase™ feature. Collect feedback and use it to make smarter hiring decisions.
  • Multiple integrations: Willo comes with over 5,000 integrations, including Workday and multiple major ATS platforms. You can connect your Willo interviews to Workday jobs to make sure all the data and responses you collect are stored in the proper place.


Willo has a free-forever plan designed for freelancers or very small businesses with limited hiring needs.

The Workday integration is available on our Growth ($187/month on an annual plan), Scale ($299/month on an annual plan), and Enterprise (custom) plans. All paid plans allow for unlimited responses each month, so you can easily scale up your hiring.

Pros & cons


  • Easy setup and integration
  • Improves efficiency in the hiring process
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Supports effective collaboration with your team
  • Safe, secure, and fully GDPR-compliant


  • No live interviewing through the Willo platform

2. Pyn

Pyn is a cloud-based platform that's designed to streamline employee communications. 

Source: Pyn and Workday Integration

It helps organize your employee journey from pre-onboarding messaging to performance reviews and promotions. Pyn’s integration with Workday enables HR teams to automatically send personalized messages to the right employees.

Relevant features

  • Targeted messaging: Automatically send personalized messages within your organization based on position, department, and location. The tool provides over 200 pre-written messages, or you can create your own. 
  • Behavioral analysis: Pyn analyzes employee behavior like readership and action rates to give HR teams better insight into what communication channels work best. 
  • Leverage HRIS data: Automates employee communications at scale without compromising personalization by using unique HRIS data of each employee. 


Pyn provides transparent pricing packages on their website.

Pros & cons


  • Effective personalization features for employee messaging
  • Also connects with Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Outlook
  • Vast content library of pre-drafted communications
  • Reliable customer support

Cons (based on G2 reviews)

  • Could benefit from further native integration with communication channels

3. BetterUp

BetterUp is an online platform that specializes in providing personal and organizational coaching for employees to help encourage engagement, productivity, and retention.

Source: BetterUp and Workday integration

With its Workday integration, BetterUp can match employees with certified coaches and add a People Analytics Dashboard (PAD) with data on growth and mindset shifts to Workday’s suite.

Relevant features

  • Personal assessments: The platform matches employees with a suitable coach using personal assessments that measure leadership skills and potential areas of improvement.
  • Growth tracking: Access to a People Analytics dashboard provides insights into how individuals are progressing in specific areas. 
  • Healthcare provider matching: : The platform connects employees with mental health professionals when needed, through its BetterUp Care™ feature. 


Schedule a demo with BetterUp to request a quote.

Pros & cons


  • Comprehensive user interface
  • Continuous insights on employee progression
  • Also integrates with content and video conferencing systems
  • Reliable privacy and security protocols

Cons (based on TrustRadius reviews)

  • Pressure to scale

4. ADP

ADP is an online HR solution that helps manage payroll, tax compliance, new employee onboarding and benefit programs. Its Workday integration lets HR teams access these automated features without manually entering data for each employee.

Source: ADP and Workday integration

Relevant features

  • Self-service tools: Employees will have access to time cards, pay stubs, paychecks, onboarding tasks and benefits enrollment. 
  • Automatic updates: Tracking hours worked and managing time-off requests automatically syncs with payroll, employee benefits and other systems. 
  • Team of specialists: ADP provides specialist support to actively monitor regulatory changes in your industry, so you don’t deviate from compliance requirements. 


Contact ADP to request a quote.

Pros & cons


  • Multiple plans for maximum scalability
  • Automated notifications for error prevention
  • International payroll solution
  • Compliance support

Cons (based on a TechRepublic review)

  • Software may have a steep learning curve

5. Udemy Business

Udemy Business is an online learning platform that provides access to various employee training programs to help upskill teams.

Source: Udemy and Workday integration

Udemy’s Workday integration automatically syncs course catalogs, learning progress, and completed courses between Udemy and Workday Learning to give employers a single source of truth for all employee learning records.

Relevant features

  • Specific training courses: The platform provides enterprise-wide courses taught by global instructors, so employees at every level can have the opportunity to upskill. 
  • Remote considerations: Remote and hybrid teams can access relevant training courses for enhanced adaptation. 
  • Immersive learning: The platform offers hands-on tech training with online workspaces, labs, assessments, and certification prep courses.


Contact Udemy Business for custom pricing. 

Pros & cons


  • Incentives to learn with certificates
  • Strong tech team courses
  • Public speaking courses available
  • Provides insights on where to improve

Cons (based on TrustRadius reviews)

  • Some assessments are quite time-consuming

6. Achievers

Achievers is a tool that’s designed to encourage employee engagement and satisfaction by letting employers create custom recognition programs.

Source: Software Advice

By integrating Achievers and Workday, you can automate employee data transfer between the two platforms and enrich Workday’s employee performance reports with contextualizing feedback from peers. 

Relevant features

  • Employee recognition programs: The platform enables the creation of employee recognition programs that you can customize to your company brand and localize to your region. 
  • Custom rewards catalogs: Employees can redeem Achievers points to obtain a variety of custom rewards.
  • Feedback: The platform provides a toolkit to collect employee feedback in the form of polls, quizzes, surveys, and other templates. 


Contact Achievers to request pricing. 

Pros & cons


  • Management can easily reward employees
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Feedback collection
  • Good selection of custom rewards

Cons (based on TrustRadius reviews)

  • It can take some time to collect a substantial number of Achievers points (points awarded to employees that can be redeemed for rewards)

Recruit Talent at Scale With Willo

Workday is a valuable tool for managing and storing employee data to reduce the administrative burden of your HR team. Fortunately, with a wide range of Workday integrations available, you’ll be able to create a more enhanced employee journey that will benefit your organization. 

The first step is recruiting the right talent—and Willo’s asynchronous video interviewing capabilities help you do this at scale. To see Willo in action, book a free demo and experience a new way to screen and hire with ease.

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