Willo awarded G2 Winter 2024 Badges

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Euan Cameron
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January 18, 2024

The G2 Awards are out for Winter 2024 and Willo won 13 🎉

I'm excited to share some great news with you all – Willo has been fortunate to receive recognition with 13 awards in the G2 Winter 2024 Report! As the CEO of Willo, I couldn't be prouder of our team and more grateful for the continuous support from our valued customers.

Our journey started in 2020 with a vision to transform the hiring process, and while awards were never the primary goal, they serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire Willo team.

Let's  celebrate our Winter 2024 accolades:

  1. Momentum Leader - Winter 2024
  2. High Performer - Winter 2024
  3. High Performer - Small Business - Winter 2024
  4. High Performer - Mid-Market - Winter 2024
  5. High Performer - EMEA - Winter 2024
  6. High Performer - UK - Winter 2024
  7. High Performer - USA - Winter 2024
  8. High Performer - Europe - Winter 2024
  9. High Performer Small-Business - USA - Winter 2024
  10. High Performer Small-Business - EMEA - Winter 2024
  11. High Performer Small-Business - UK - Winter 2024
  12. High Performer Small-Business - USA - Winter 2024
  13. High Performer Small-Business - Europe - Winter 2024

What does it mean to be a Momentum Leader?

Within the G2 ecosystem, “momentum” is defined as growth in social media, web presence, employee numbers, and review data within the G2 platform which takes into account customer satisfaction and comparing a platform to its competitors. 

‍According to G2’s definitions, to qualify within the Video Interviewing Software category, a platform must do three things: 

  1. Streamline and simplify the interviewing process.
  2. Provide video interviewing technology for a wide range of roles, including pre-recorded interviews, live video interviews, or both.
  3. Track candidate screening processes and/or provide integrations to ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

To be named #1 Momentum Leader is special to me because it means that our efforts are not just about expanding our presence, but making an impact with customers in the video interviewing space. 

What’s next?

As CEO, I’m looking at Willo’s next 3-5 years. That vision, for me, is simple: provide candidates with a fantastic interview experience that matches the pace of their life while giving companies the tools they need to find the right candidates at the right time. 

When I was a candidate, my dyslexia made it impossible for me to complete high-quality written job applications. I wished I could express myself through video and audio, but companies wouldn’t allow it. 

That’s why I built Willo. To see the platform continue to grow, serving both candidates and companies, is a dream come true.  I’m excited to continue our journey, marching down the path of innovation, accessibility, and fostering a CV-free approach when it comes to hiring.

Thank you for being a part of the Willo story. Here's to many more successes and groundbreaking moments in the future!

Euan Cameron
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