How Tunstall Screened over 700 Candidates In 6 months with Willo

15-45 minutes
Time saved per candidate using Willo
Nearly 75%
Increase in the number of candidates Tunstall was able to screen with Willo
2 regions
Number of regions Tunstall is currently using Willo
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Key Takeaways

  • Tunstall, a global health and care technology provider, recognized the importance of giving candidates and hiring managers a great recruitment experience. 
  • They wanted to ensure all candidates were given the best chance possible to demonstrate their personality, experience, and skills, in a way they can’t with a CV or phone screen.
  • To help with this mission, Tunstall chose Willo’s video interviewing platform because of its wide range of features and user-friendly interface. 
  • Willo helped Tunstall to increase the number of candidates who had the opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for a role by nearly 75% – the quality of hires also improved 

The happy problem of having a lot of candidates

When Mark Gibbons joined Tunstall in May 2022 as Head of Talent, the organization had a small, matrixed talent team. While some regions had dedicated recruiters, others had individuals doing recruitment as just one part of their overall job. He also noticed that Tunstall, despite having great opportunities available, was not marketing its jobs enough.

Mark quickly developed two key recruiting goals for Tunstall:

  1. Better market job opportunities so more candidates could hear about the great work the company does.
  2. Build a great candidate experience that also met the company’s talent needs.

The team achieved goal number one relatively quickly, which brought the happy problem of having a lot of candidates to screen. 

“We wanted to be able to give as many candidates as possible a chance to demonstrate their skills and experience to us,” said Mark. “But there just isn’t the time and resource to dedicate to organizing, calling, or meeting hundreds of people and setting those up.”

Not having the time to do everything manually, Mark looked to on-demand video interviewing as a potential solution. He’d used on-demand videos in the past and knew it would be a great opportunity for candidates to truly “demonstrate their skills,” rather than rely purely on a CV review. He also liked that an on-demand video interview offered a consistent, fair, and transparent way to review candidates rather than relying on notes taken during a phone screen. It also offered a good experience for candidates, as they could complete the interview via a mobile, tablet or laptop, at a time and place that suited them.

“We needed a way of being able to sift and deliver a good candidate experience, but also get the right results for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates in terms of getting the right person for the position and Tunstall,” said Mark.

Ultimately, Mark and the Tunstall team chose Willo to power video interviews and the results have been fantastic. 

Why Tunstall chose Willo 

When assessing video interview solutions, Mark said Tunstall had a few must-haves:

  • Integration with Teamtailor ATS to create a single tech stack within the company, allowing recruiters to easily and effectively send video interviews and enable a seamless journey for the candidates and hiring managers.
  • Ease of use so Tunstall’s lean team could learn the platform quickly.
  • Vendor communication so any concerns or questions could get a fast response. 

Mark felt Willo easily passed these must-haves during his assessment of six platforms. He eventually narrowed his search to two platforms–Willo and a competitor.

But Mark ultimately chose Willo for two reasons:

  1. The expansive feature set included question prompts and offering different interview formats (video, audio, and text responses), which Tunstall plans to use in the future.
  2. Fair pricing, which made choosing Willo an easy decision.

Screening over 700 candidates in 6 months

Mark initially tried a proof-of-concept with Willo, setting up the Teamtailor integration and creating interviews for a couple of jobs within a day. He said a few managers were initially skeptical but were won over after seeing how easy Willo’s platform was to use. 

“We've had good feedback from managers that have used it,” said Mark.

After the initial positive response, Mark rolled out Willo across Tunstall’s UK and Spain regions – the two largest talent markets for the company. 

Here are the results of Tunstall’s first six months with Willo:

  • Screened over 700 candidates (a nearly 75% increase in the number of candidates the team would have been able to review effectively without Willo).
  • Hired both individual contributors and senior-level roles.
  • Increased quality of hire as able to review and “meet” more candidates and base the decision on a person’s suitability for a role, rather than a CV.
  • Reduced time to offer, by increasing the speed of reviewing candidates and reducing interview no-shows.

Mark estimates that Willo also saved the team hours of administration time: it takes a recruiter about 15 minutes to send and review a Willo interview compared to 30-60 minutes to schedule and conduct a phone screen. 

“Without Willo, we would not have been able to assess anywhere near the number of candidates we have, which therefore means the quality wouldn't have been at the same level,” said Mark.

Up next: Global expansion and using more features

After success in the UK and Spain, Mark is looking at how to integrate Willo into Tunstall’s other markets. He’s already trialled the platform in the Nordics and is now looking at the feasibility of trialling the platform throughout Europe and APAC regions next. He’s also looking into how the company might leverage audio or text responses on top of video, all with an eye to how the recruiting team can build an even better candidate experience.

“Willo has done a good job for us,” said Mark. “It's helped us significantly in Spain and the UK. And it's been a very useful tool.”