Beautiful, Automated Candidate Experiences: Willo now Integrates with Lever

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Hamish Livingston
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May 17, 2022

Inviting candidates to video interviews will help them show their personality far more than they could in a phone screen.

Now sending that invitation is even easier with Willo’s new Lever integration.

Here’s how the integration works, with our CEO Euan—and benefits both Willo and Lever users: 

A focus on candidate experience

Lever is known for candidate experience and making recruiter’s lives easier with their applicant tracking software. This is the same ethos we used to build Willo’s award-winning video interview tool

Lever counts more than 3,000 global businesses as customers, with thousands of candidates flowing through its software annually. 

At Willo, our focus is on saving time for recruiters and giving candidates a chance to show their authentic selves during the interview process. Our users have saved dozens of hours of administrative time and get feedback from candidates that pre-recorded videos are far more convenient than trying to schedule a phone screen.

In some ways, this partnership was inevitable. Willo already integrates with other fantastic ATS platforms like Greenhouse, Workable, and Teamtailor. You can even connect to hundreds more apps through Zapier. It was only a matter of time before a forward-thinking, innovative company like Lever was added to the list.

What you can do with the Willo x Lever integration

A better candidate experience starts with Lever’s integration with Willo. Here’s what you can do:

One-click video interview invitations: The new integration enables users of Lever to automatically invite candidates to complete a Willo screening interview with just a click.

Easy stakeholder information sharing: Within Willo, easily share video answers to relevant stakeholders while maintaining candidate privacy and security. 

Secure and automatic data connectivity: All Willo integrations use high-quality encryption so you know that information is secure

How to access the Willo x Lever integration

This new integration is available immediately for all paying Willo customers. Using the free version and want to give it a go? Just log into your Willo account and you can upgrade your account from your dashboard.

  • Connect Willo and Lever: You can do this on the Connect page of your dashboard. 
  • Activate the connection: Choose which stage you wish to trigger interview invites.
  • Allocate interviews to jobs: Add the correct interview tag to each job.

Check out the full guide with step-by-step instructions (and screenshots) on our Lever integrations support page.

A match built for candidates and recruiters

We are excited to partner with innovative companies, and Lever is a prime example. This connection not only allows for seamless administrative connections for recruiters but, more importantly, is a key part of building a high-quality candidate experience. 

Willo has already helped thousands of candidates show their true selves in interviews and created growth opportunities for businesses. This integration is one more step on that journey.

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VP of Product
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