The Video Interviewing Tool Recruiters Can Use to Save 6+ Hours of Work Per Week

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Joe Latham
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March 22, 2022

High-volume recruiting is a game of time.

Recruiters have to source candidates for dozens - or hundreds - of open roles, screen them effectively, and coordinate with stakeholders.

All told, this can easily take 10-20 hours per candidate. Multiply that by dozens (or even hundreds) of candidates per role, and it’s a huge amount of time.

But users of video interviewing tool Willo discovered massive time savings. Around 700 users saved over 9,000 hours of work in two weeks (that works out to 6+ hours per recruiter per week).

Where the time savings came from

Recruiters spend a lot of time doing their jobs. Here’s where the primary time savings came from with Willo.

1.Interview set up for candidates:

Recruiters pre-set questions for all candidates and automatically scheduled them to be sent in about 15 minutes versus needing to repeat their questions for every single candidate on phone screens.

2. Candidate screening:

Willo’s pre-recorded video answers became the company’s first initial screen. This saved having to book a 15-20 minute phone screen with every candidate.

3. Sharing with stakeholders:

Share features make it easy for recruiters to share relevant videos with stakeholders, all while keeping the rest of a candidate’s profile confidential.

4. Hiring manager preparation:

Willo’s dashboard makes it easy to score candidates and share important notes with hiring managers, meaning fewer additional prep meetings.

Additional benefits beyond saving time

On top of saving time, Willo also helped recruiters with less tangible, but equally important, things. 

1. Process organization and efficiency

Willo’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations mean that recruiters don’t ever have to worry about data getting lost in the copy-paste shuffle.

Justin Plagis, the Head of Growth at Packaly, said this was a huge benefit for him and his team.

“We wanted to make interviewing as user-friendly as possible for candidates,” said Justin. “Willo’s integrations and open API made that a lot easier.”

2. Candidate experience

Automated communications and letting candidates record videos on their own time means a much stronger candidate experience for all roles, but especially high-volume roles.

Joshua Schichtel, the Chief Operating Officer at Exquisite Software, said this was the top benefit for him. 

"The user experience for both interviewers and interviewees was great! We got feedback from the interviewees that they liked how it allowed them to answer with confidence."

3. Peace of mind for recruiting teams

Willo made it easy for recruiters to focus on getting to know candidates and gave them the peace of mind that the administrative side of candidate screening was handled.

Tom McDermott, the founder of Sprigg Salad Bar in Glasgow, Scotland, said this was the biggest benefit he found from Willo.

“Willo helps because you can get a feel for who somebody is before you meet them,” said Tom. “As an employer, you can revisit interviews and be sure you want to progress. As an applicant you can ensure the best version of yourself is portrayed without the unnatural interview environment.”

A simple tool for mass hiring

When you’re hiring for a lot of roles, there’s a lot at stake for recruiters. Not only do you need to bring in that talent quickly, you have to do it sustainably - if you burn out, there’s no one else to get this done.

This is the mentality we used to build Willo, focusing on making it easy to screen, score, and share candidates with the rest of the recruiting and hiring manager team. In the end, that means hundreds of hours saved per recruiter per year, time that you get back to focus on strategic work and getting to know candidates deeper in the hiring funnel.

If you want to level up your high-volume candidate screening, calculate how much time you could save.

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