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Euan Cameron
Last updated:
June 15, 2023

Even if you are not hiring right now Willo can still help save time and hassle in other areas of your organisation. We asked our users across the globe what else they use Willo for and have a round-up of our favourite use cases below:

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See beyond the CV or resume. With video, you can hear from candidates day, or night, anywhere in the world. Easily share candidate’s videos with hiring managers or clients.


Communicate with your employees, on video, at scale. There has never been a more important time to listen to your team and check in with them remotely.

Empower your team to communicate asynchronously on video and make your workflow a lot smoother.

Feedback and Reviews

Collect qualitative customer feedback in a whole new way. See and hear what real people think of your product or service, and create powerful social content from those video responses.

Learning & Development

Connect students with schools and universities at scale. Collect and share answers to questions or gather course feedback.


See and hear what is happening anywhere in the world. Perhaps you want to check-in on a worksite or enable your team to report faults in a store. With Willo you can communicate over the video, at scale, remotely.

Create your own video interviews here: get.willo.video

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