6 of the Best Video Recruiting Platforms for 2024

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January 12, 2024

6 of the Best Video Recruiting Platforms for 2024

Whether you’re hiring for remote, hybrid, or in-person jobs, the majority (74% of recruiters) find that video interviews have made their job easier when interviewing and shortlisting candidates.

Because of the rapid growth in the popularity of virtual recruiting, there are now several video recruitment platforms like Willo to choose from. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best video recruiting platforms so you can get an idea of what’s available and which might work best for you. 

What Is a Video Recruiting Platform?

Video recruiting platforms work by leveraging video-based communication and evaluation tools to enable recruiters and candidates to connect, interact, and assess each other.  Video interviews, video resumes, and other related features like candidate feedback functions are used to streamline the communication and evaluation stages during the entire hiring process.

Why Are Video Recruiting Platforms Important?

  • They cut costs. Lunio’s HR team saved $50,000 using Willo to screen candidates versus working with an agency recruiter.
  • They save time. InHealth was able to save 1,000+ recruiting hours in 12 months using Willo’s asynchronous interview tools.
  • They optimize candidate screening. airBaltic was able to increase their screening rate to 100+ high-potential candidates per week using Willo.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing Video Recruiting Platforms

  • Video quality and stability: Nothing derails an interview faster than screen tearing and poor audio. A stable platform with good video quality is a must here, ensuring that the interview experience is seamless for both candidates and interviewers
  • Integration with other tools and applicant tracking systems (ATS):  Recruitment is a collaborative process, so you’ll want a platform that integrates with your existing tools for easier workflows. Bonus points if your chosen platform also integrates with any ATSs you’re using, allowing you to collect more insights on interview processes.
  • Security and privacy: Video recruiting platforms need to collect data on various applicants, so ensure that your chosen platform has proper security measures in place and procedures for possible data breaches. 
  • Platform scalability: From both a price and product functionality perspective, the platform you choose needs to scale up and down with your recruiting needs. 
  • Barriers to use: Candidates should not need to create any logins to use the platform. Recruiters deserve smooth user interfaces that are intuitive and easily integrated with other platforms like your ATS. 

6 Best Video Recruiting Platforms

  1. Willo – best asynchronous video interview software
  2. VidCruiter –  best automated features
  3. Spark Hire – best collaboration features in a video recruiting platform
  4. Hireflix –  best value for money
  5. HireVue –  best solution for candidate screening 
  6. Talview – best educational proctoring platform

1. Willo

Willo is a virtual candidate screening solution that combines user-friendly asynchronous interviewing tools with comprehensive identity verification features. With Willo, hiring teams can generate questions, collect input from stakeholders, collect documents from candidates, manage responses, and more.

Relevant features

Asynchronous, one-way interviewing

You can use Willo to quickly set up asynchronous video interviews. Once you’ve sent the link, the candidates can complete the interview at their convenience, without you needing to be present. You can then quickly review and share their responses.

Works on any device

Willo works on any device, anywhere in the world. It’s also fully browser-based, meaning neither your team nor your candidates need to download an app.

Easy for candidates

Let applicants interview on their own time with simple sharing links. When they click the link, they will automatically begin their async interview without needing to create an account. 

Powerful integrations

Willo is built to fit into your workflow and comes with over 5,000 integrations with the most commonly used apps and platforms, making it extremely versatile. 

Easy collaboration

Willo’s Showcase feature allows you to securely share interviews with your colleagues and then collect feedback from any interested stakeholder.

Digital identity verification 

You can use Willo to make the tedious process of identity verification a lot easier, more secure, and far less expensive than doing it manually.  


Willo has transparent pricing available on its public-facing page

Pros & cons


  • Simple setup
  • Candidate-centric design
  • Powerful applicant management features
  • Easy collaboration


  • Doesn’t provide a native applicant tracking system (only via integration).
  • Requires some manual set up (but you can get support from Willo’s DIY resources or success team).

2. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is a video interviewing platform that offers customizable pre-recorded and live video interviewing. It works as an end-to-end hiring platform in which you can carry out all your candidate filtering, screening & pre-screening, scheduling, interviewing, and referencing activities. 

Relevant features

Pre-recorded video interviews

The pre-recorded video features allow you to get deeper insights into candidates, which can save time and money.

Automated interview scheduling

Vidcruiter’s scheduling software gives you the ability to share real-time availability and let candidates choose their time slot with a recruiter.

Structured interviews

VidCruiter offers functions to facilitate structured interviews. You can use it to ensure consistent interview lengths and questions for each candidate to reduce the impact of bias and favoritism.


VidCruiter has no free version and provides bespoke pricing information on request.

Pros & cons


  • Strong customer support
  • Good range of integrations
  • Lots of features


  • Logs out during periods of inactivity
  • Templates aren’t particularly intuitive
  • Steep learning curve requires significant time

Pros and Cons data collected from users on Trust Radius.

3. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a popular video interview software that has won a lot of recognition since it came to market. They offer plenty of features that streamline the interview process for both candidates and interviewers alike.

Relevant features

One-way video interview

Gain insights into candidates quickly by having candidates record videos of themselves answering your interview questions.

Interview scheduling

Interviewees can schedule interviews with you based on your calendar availability thanks to integrations with calendar providers like Google, iCloud, Outlook.com, Exchange, and Office 365.

Interview collaboration

Share interviews with an unlimited number of colleagues to collect feedback. You can also anonymize candidate information, get real-time notifications when videos are being watched, and collect reviews from hiring managers without requiring them to log in.


Spark Hire has four pricing tiers:

  • Lite: Up to three users, unlimited interviews (one job) for  $149/month.
  • Pro: up to five users, unlimited interviews (five jobs) for $299/month.
  • Growth: More than six users, unlimited interviews (ten jobs) for $499/month.
  • Enterprise: Available on request.

Pros & cons


  • Video quality
  • Smart candidate interface
  • Many features


  • Would benefit from increased automations
  • Limited integrations
  • Some tasks are overly complex 

Pros and Cons data collected from Trust Radius.

4. Hireflix

Hireflix is a one-way video interview software with a wide range of features and functionality designed to improve the lives of hiring teams and enhance the candidate experience. 

Relevant features

One-way interviewing

Create the digital interview once and invite as many candidates as you want to participate.

No more scheduling

No need to schedule interviews or phone calls with the entire candidate pool—just send an invitation and set a deadline.

Review & sharing features

Review candidate submissions when it suits you best and shares the virtual interview responses with your hiring team.


Hireflix has three pricing tiers—each license includes all features, unlimited seats, unlimited positions, and unlimited interview responses. Instead, tiers are priced based on company size:

  • Small ($150/month): For companies <50 employees.
  • Medium ($300/month): For companies with 50–250 employees.
  • Custom: For corporations, recruitment agencies & high volume recruiters.

Pros & cons


  • Popular with candidates
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use & navigate


  • Expensive for small companies with infrequent hiring
  • Lacks some basic customizations

Pros and Cons data gathered from Trust Radius.

5. HireVue

HireVue is a talent experience platform that was designed to automate some recruiting workflows

Relevant features

On-demand & live video

HireVue’s on-demand and live video interview platform comes with real-time evaluation tools, interview guides, automated candidate routing, and shareable recordings.

ATS integration

HireVue integrates into many HR tech platforms, reducing redundancies and data input workloads.

Standardized interviews

HireVue gives you access to more than 1,000 job-specific interview guides and lets you automatically create interviews


HireVue pricing starts at $35,000 for companies with 2,500–5,000 employees.

Prices for larger enterprises are available on request. If you have fewer than 2,500 employees, HireVue’s website encourages you to reach out to see what they might be able to do for you.

Pros & cons


  • Works well on mobile and desktop
  • Strong automation
  • Effective screening features


  • Live interview lacks basic functionality
  • UI could/should be better
  • Very expensive

Pros and Cons data gathered from G2.

6. Talview

Talview is an AI-Powered interviewing and assessments platform for hiring and exam delivery. 

Relevant features

AI-Powered video interviewing

Talview's Online Video Interview lets you leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to gauge emotions, analyze tone, psycholinguistics, and more in real time.

Automated workflows

Create an asynchronous video interview and invite candidates with ease. Automate invitation sending, tracking, and follow-up with scheduled reminders.


Engage potential hires with your brand through job preview videos, banners, messaging, color themes, and assessments, all optimized for mobile.


Talview has no free version and only provides pricing information on request.

Pros & cons


  • Simple, intuitive UI
  • Good range of assessments to choose from
  • Great for creating and accessing candidate info


  • Can suffer from slowness/latency
  • Reports lack customization options
  • Lack of basic sync features

Pros and Cons data gathered from G2.

Which Platform Is Right For Your Organization?

There is now a wide range of video recruitment platforms suitable for every type of business, from mom-and-pop stores and one-man-band ecommerce sites to the largest international corporations. 

At Willo, we arm HR teams, hiring managers, and recruiters with a robust set of async candidate screening and identity verification tools that streamline operations and lead to better hires in less time.

Explore Willo with a live demo. We’re confident you’ll like what you see!

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