The Top 4 Free Video Interview Platforms

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Joe Latham
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April 13, 2022

Whether for high-volume hiring or simply doing it all remotely, video interviews help you get to know a candidate more personally than a phone screen without the time and costs of an in-person conversation.

But how do you know which software is right for the job? 

There are dozens of video interview platforms on the market right now (and that’s just the purpose-built platforms, ignoring multi-purpose softwares like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Whereby).

One of the best ways to assess a platform is to actually try it. That’s why we’ve outlined the top free video interview softwares. 

In this article, you’ll find two types of software:

  1. Platforms that have a free forever tier with a smaller or limited feature set.
  2. Honourable mentions for platforms that have free trials with no commitment. 

We did not include any platforms that require booking a demo to see pricing, as we want to showcase platforms you can sign up for on your own whenever you’re ready.


Willo is an asynchronous video interview software built for high-volume hiring. All tiers allow you to post jobs in minutes and invite candidates to interview with customizable, automated emails. 

What’s included in the free tier: 10 candidates per month for 1 job, with unlimited video interview questions per candidate. 

Pricing after that: Starting at £30 per user per month (100 candidates per month) and going up from there. 



easyhire is a video interviewing and applicant tracking system (ATS) combination platform. The company also has a job board for customers to post jobs on.

What’s included in the free tier: 5 interviews monthly, with information stored for 2 weeks.

Pricing after that: Starting at $29 per month for additional interviews and team seats, going up to $6,000 per year for their corporate membership.


Breezy HR

Breezy HR has a suite of talent attraction and recruiting tools, including a video interviewing module. The platform enables either job-specific applications or a candidate pool, which is the equivalent of a generalized job posting any candidate can apply to.

What’s included in the free tier: Unlimited candidates and basic features for either 1 job or 1 candidate pool.

Pricing after that: Pricing starts at $143 per month and goes up to $399 per month.



Jobsoid is a platform to manage end-to-end talent attraction, from promoting job posts on various job boards, to video interviews, to sourcing candidates.

What’s included in the free tier: 1 job with full use of the platform’s features.

Pricing after that: From $49 to $249 per month depending on how many job postings your company has.


Honourable mentions: Platforms with free trials

The following platforms have free trials before they start charging. 

Hireflix: Free for one month and plans start at $75+ monthly. 

Reworking: Free for 30 days and plans start at £79+ monthly.

Spark Hire: Free for 14 days and plans start at $119+ monthly.

Facecruit: Free to set up a pay-as-you-go account, starting costs are $50 for 50 minutes of interviews.

Video interviewing is the new normal

Regardless of whether a company is all-remote or hybrid, video interviews are a powerful tool for screening candidates. They not only save significant recruiter time but they also offer a higher quality candidate experience.

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