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Euan Cameron
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April 23, 2021

We love the recruiting world. It’s in our blood as founders and it’s a community we have the utmost respect for. Living in this world with Willo Video, we saw firsthand how people wanted more asynchronous options to scale out their global, remote hiring process. Now, based on feedback and our product innovation team, we’re taking it a step further with two new features that make it easy to get a 360-degree view of every candidate from one single location. 

Introducing file uploads and advanced sharing

On top of Willo’s asynchronous video capabilities, we have two new features:

  1. File uploads. 
  2. Advanced sharing.

With file uploads, it’s now easy to get anything you need from candidates as part of their video application: CVs, right-to-work documents, visas, portfolios, or anything else you might need for a specific role. Candidates can upload as many documents as you need them to, each up to 25MB.

Drag and drop files in Willo

After files are uploaded, advanced sharing makes collaboration simple. You get full dynamic controls over who can see what, all within the Willo dashboard. 

Advanced sharing in Willo with Showcase

These additional features are in addition to Willo’s expansive standard feature set, which includes SMS / text invitations, a simple browser-based platform with no downloads, cross-device functionality, encryption for security, and global privacy compliance. 

Recruiters: get a single (and shareable) view of the candidate 

Need to make sure every candidate has the legal right to work in your area, or a specific certification? No problem - ask for a file upload and have all the documentation right alongside their video answering your interview questions. 

For HR business partners and larger recruiting teams, dynamic access controls within the advanced sharing feature lets you share individual files with individual people. Avoid all confidentiality concerns and ensure business partners and hiring managers don’t have to deal with context overload.  

With this tool, you don’t have to ask for email attachments that you manually download and remember to re-upload. You can collect everything with Willo, share with collaborators, and use Willo’s powerful integration features with Zapier, Workable, and Greenhouse to ensure that everything is seamlessly collected into your ATS. 

Powerful collaboration tools for use-cases beyond recruiting

While Willo is first and foremost a recruiting tool, everything is designed to be universal. Because of that, our customers tell us they use the platform for a variety of additional use cases:

Internal innovation challenges / hackathons

Want to innovate from within? Create a posting for people to deliver their hackathon ideas with video and file uploads. Share everything with relevant internal judges for your hackathon competition.

Receiving pitches

Actively acquire or invest in other companies? Use Willo to receive video pitches - and now with file uploads they can keep pitch decks, financials, and other due diligence in our secure portal.  

Idea generation

Leadership, have a question that you want employee perspectives on? Put a post out and encourage people to respond with videos, audio, and notes attached. 

Employee feedback

Want to hear how things are going for employees? Ask them - and use Willo to collect all the responses and attachments in a single, secure dashboard.

Using the new features in your Willo Dashboard

If you’re already a Willo customer, these features are ready to go in your dashboard. Simply log in and you’ll see the option. Not a Willo customer? Get started for free

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