5 Best Remote Interview Software Solutions for Successful Hiring

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March 19, 2024

5 Best Remote Interview Software Solutions for Successful Hiring

As remote work becomes more common, hiring teams have had to adapt.

Candidates are often spread all over the world, so coordinating interviews is not an easy task. Plus, remote recruitment teams need tools to collaborate with each other and stakeholders without in-person meetings.

Remote interview software offers solutions to all of these problems (and more)—but choosing the right software can still be a challenge. In this Willo guide, we’ll introduce you to remote interview software solutions we feel can provide you with reliable features to secure global talent. 

What Is Remote Interview Software? 

Remote interview software is a tool that allows recruiters to coordinate and manage interviews without the need for in-person meetings.

While video conferencing tools have been around for a while, remote interview software is designed specifically with recruitment in mind. This type of software essentially helps companies streamline their hiring process and expand their potential candidate pool.

Source: Capterra

Remote interview software can differ in their approach to evaluating candidates. For example, eSkill uses interactive skill tests to evaluate candidates. On the other hand, Willo provides an async video interview solution where candidates record themselves responding to questions without having to schedule a meeting with the hiring manager. 

Why Is Remote Interview Software Important?

  • Adapts to changing working environments: Remote interview software allows businesses to continue their hiring processes even when rapid shifts come about that don’t allow for traditional interviewing. It shows a long-term utility beyond crisis situations. 
  • Broader candidate reach: Using this software, you can expand your search parameters for top talent by connecting with a more diverse range of global candidates. In the same way, it also opens the door for high-performing candidates to apply for jobs outside their local area. 
  • Improves recruiter and candidate experience: Some remote interview software (like Willo) provides one-way interviewing capabilities that allow candidates to record their interviews at their convenience and with better preparation. They also lighten the workload placed on hiring teams.

Source: How InHealth saved over 1,000 hours of recruiters' time using Willo

Companies like InHealth, who were looking to recruit more international talent, were able to save over 1,000 recruiter hours during expansion by using Willo. As Willo is candidate-focused, InHealth was able to achieve an accelerated hiring process without having to compromise on the overall candidate experience.

  • Scheduling flexibility: Remote interview software offers greater scheduling flexibility, making it easier for interview participants to fully engage in the process. Especially for those who are currently employed or unable to travel 

Criteria for Choosing Remote Interview Software

  • Ease of use: Your interview participants, as well as your hiring team, should be able to easily access your remote interview tool without any complications. A complex user interface can deter potential hires and negatively impact the interview experience. 
  • Customization: The software should offer customization options to align with your company’s branding and interview process. 
  • Time control during interviews: The ability to set time constraints for answering questions during one-way interviews is important for maintaining fairness and standardizing response conditions. 
  • Integration with other systems: It’s beneficial that your software seamlessly integrates with your other systems like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) systems for a streamlined workflow. 

5 Best Remote Interview Software Solutions

Here are our top selection of remote interview software solutions that can be implemented for various stages of your interview process: 

  1. Willo: Best for asynchronous video interviewing
  2. Calendly: Great for remote interview scheduling
  3. eSkill: Best for candidate testing
  4. Harver: Best for combining interviews with assessments
  5. Spark Hire: Best for hiring team collaboration

1. Willo

Willo is a candidate screening platform that helps companies save time and make more confident hiring decisions. 

Willo helps you easily set up asynchronous video interviews and screen up to thousands of global candidates. Simply create your list of questions, send out the invitation links to your candidates, and review text, audio, or video responses as they come in (or by a deadline you set). 

Willo also offers robust Identity Verification (IDV) features, ensuring that the person you’re interviewing is eligible to work for you. For example, companies like Florence were able to streamline their candidate identity verification for 1,400 candidates per month using Willo. Plus, Willo’s IDV capabilities allow for DBS ID checks, making the platform an all-inclusive solution for recruitment teams.

Key features

  • Universal compatibility: Willo works on any browser and any smartphone, tablet, or computer—no need to download any apps.
  • Intelligent question generator: When you’re struggling to think of relevant interview questions to ask candidates for specific roles, Willo can automatically suggest them for you. This way, you can ensure better answers that are tailored to what you’re looking for.
  • File uploads: If you require a CV, pitch deck, or portfolio for your screening process, Willo allows you to request file uploads (with a generous file size of 25 MB) from your candidates. 
  • Candidate shortlisting: With Willo’s Showcase™ feature, you can securely share interviews with your team members as well as collect feedback on candidates from any internal stakeholder. 
  • Scorecards: Willo’s new Scorecards feature enables you to build multiple, customized Scorecards in your Willo dashboard. You’ll be able to assign a Scorecard to specific interviews or job openings, making it easier for your hiring team to rank candidates’ performance and compare performances across candidates (either as a group or 1:1), based on the appropriate criteria.


Willo has a free-forever plan that supports one job and up to 10 responses monthly. 

All our paid plans—Launch ($68/month on an annual plan), Growth ($187/month on an annual plan), Scale ($299/month on an annual plan), and Enterprise (custom)—support unlimited responses. 

Pros & cons


  • Simple to set up and organize interviews
  • Easily accessible for candidates
  • Designed to be scalable enough to handle growth
  • Multi-language support
  • Over 5,000 integrations available
  • Candidate evaluation tools


  • Free forever plan is limited to 10 responses

2. Calendly

Calendly is a well-known scheduling automation platform that works well for coordinating remote interviews. Recruiters can open up time slots, and candidates can choose the available slot that works best for them.

Key features

  • Interview distribution: Calendly evenly distributes your live interviews by analyzing hiring manager availability to make sure your hiring team isn't overwhelmed. 
  • Automate communications: To help maintain candidate engagement and reduce no-shows, Calendly provides customizable email and text notifications to remind candidates about upcoming interviews. 
  • Pre-interview questions: Calendly allows you to collect key candidate information ahead of the interview by providing customizable questions to add to your scheduling form. 


Calendly offers a free plan tailored to individuals. Hiring teams would benefit from their Teams plan priced at $16 per seat per month (billed annually) and offers reporting, meeting distribution, and automation features. 

Pros & cons


  • Connect up to 6 calendars 
  • Easily customize your availability
  • User-friendly
  • Automatically creates a Zoom meeting
  • Integrates with multiple ATS platforms

Cons (based on TrustRadius reviews)

  • Tech support could be improved 

3. eSkill

eSkill is a candidate assessment platform that offers remote video interviewing capabilities. 

Key features

  • Skills assessment library: eSkill provides over 800 job and subject-based assessments and simulations that you can customize or build from scratch to evaluate remote candidates. 
  • Video questions: You can include video questions in your candidate skills assessments that serve as a one-way interviewing method. 
  • Assessment experts: eSkill provides Assessment Experts to help tailor your assessments to your exact job role requirements. 


eSkill offers four custom pricing options. You’ll need to contact them for a quote. 

Pros & cons


  • Customize pre-made assessments
  • Easily rank candidates
  • Responsive customer service
  • Integrates with ATS and other online tools

Cons (based on G2 reviews)

  • Can be difficult to create your own assessments
  • UI could be more appealing

4. Harver

Harver is a candidate assessment platform that’s better known for its assessment tools. The platform also offers a reliable video interviewing solution for both one-way and two-way interviews. 

Key features

  • Combine video interviews with assessments: You can combine your video interviews with customizable assessments for more in-depth candidate evaluations. 
  • Candidate feedback: Collect candidate feedback on their interview experience, which will be attached to their interview recordings. You can also rate, comment, and thumbs-up candidate videos. 
  • Automated reference checking: A built-in reference checking tool with a fast turnaround time is available to confirm candidate references. 


Harver offers custom pricing only. You’ll need to contact them for a quote. 

Pros & cons


  • Bias checker
  • Multiple cognitive and personality-based assessments are available
  • 30+ ATS integrations
  • Supports 11 languages

Cons (based on TrustRadius reviews)

  • Could use more job-specific assessments
  • Lack of dashboard customization options

5. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a video interviewing solution that’s tailored for remote hiring. 

Key features

  • Live video interview recording: Spark Hire supports live video interviews which you can record and re-watch with your team members.
  • Interview evaluation features: Team members can rate and comment on candidate interviews, as well as document rejection reasons within the platform for easy collaboration. 
  • Collaboration: With a branded interview landing page, you can share interviews with an unlimited number of hiring managers and collect instant feedback. There’s no need to log in, and all candidate information is anonymized. 


Spark Hire offers three paid pricing plans. The Lite plan is priced at $149/month (unlimited interviews for 1 job), the Pro plan is priced at $299/month (unlimited interviews for 5 jobs), and the Growth plan is priced at $499/month (unlimited interviews for 10 jobs). 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to create text-based and video-based questions
  • Automatic notifications when candidates complete interviews
  • Integrates with scheduling platforms such as Google, iCloud, and Outlook
  • Over 40 ATS integrations

Cons (based on TrustRadius reviews)

  • Could use more inclusive features like captions and translations
  • Not enough control in candidate communications

Experience Successful Remote Interviews With Willo

At the end of the day, remote interviewing software is supposed to make it easy for your company to reach and screen talent no matter their location. 

Fortunately, at Willo, we specialize in providing hiring managers with powerful tools to effectively screen remote candidates at scale. If you’re a company looking to accelerate your hiring processes—like Tunstall, who screened over 700 high-potential candidates in just 6 months with Willo—you’re in the right place.

Book a demo and see Willo in action.

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