Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not.

Written by
Euan Cameron
Last updated:
June 15, 2023

So much has changed so quickly in the last few months.

And although we are in various forms of lockdown around the world, technology has enabled us to become more connected and accessible than ever before.

The Willo mission has always been to connect talent and opportunity through technology. Quite simply by using the devices we all carry around with us everyday we aim to open doors with less effort and formality than an application form or CV.

We support organisations like yours in over 45 countries who are remotely interviewing a broad range of people every day to discuss new opportunities. From software developers in India, to health workers in Nigeria and Engineers in Panama; clearly opportunity has no borders.

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Organisations using Willo also tell us that they connect with a much more diverse and talented pool of candidates than before, across multiple time zones; more quickly. And candidates tell us that they find it easier and more enjoyable to present themselves through short video clips, rather than jumping through the hoops of traditional recruitment processes.

The desire to broaden our horizons and find new ways to work and live together has been gathering momentum for years and now we have the catalyst to make that happen.

At Willo we will continue to play our part by helping connect talented people with opportunities everywhere — regardless of location, race, religion, education or background.

Thank you for joining us on that journey,

The Willo Team

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